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What is Netusage Manager?Business Reporter

Netusage Manager is a centralised reporting console which allows you gain visibility of your entire network through a single web portal. Netusage Manager seamlessly captures data from two or more distributed Netusage consoles and allows you to view live and historical reports for all links from all Netusage consoles in a single report. If network visibility at a global level matters to you, Netusage Manager is what you need!

What exactly does it do?

Netusage Manager provides you with live and historical reports on a global basis. The simple-to-use portal allows you to effortlessly drill down into regional Netusage Consoles and view in-depth granular reports. Newly created reports allow you to identify quickly what the current global issues are:

If you have global responsibility for your network, with Netusage Manager you can view all data through one single portal. All regional Netusage consoles send data to Netusage Manager, which provides reports for all links modeled in, say, New York, Singapore, and London, without impacting the performance of the network.

Netusage Manager at a glance

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